Luxury 4 Station Restroom Trailer

This deluxe four-station restroom trailer is designed to provide guests with a luxurious and comfortable experience. To ensure privacy and convenience, both entrance doors are located on the curb side of the trailer, away from public traffic. Inside, the rich interior colors, wood accents, and doors create a sophisticated atmosphere that offers a refreshing respite from the noise and crowds of outdoor events.

With ample space and four individual stations, this restroom trailer is ideal for larger gatherings, providing guests with a premium bathroom experience. Whether you're hosting a wedding, festival, or corporate event, this trailer is sure to impress with its luxurious design and convenient features.   


  • Height: 11′3″
  • Overall length: 14′
  • Width: 8′ 5″
  • Holding capacity: 200 gallons which is good for 900-950 uses before needing service


  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Hot and cold running water
  • Simulated wood flooring
  • Ducted air conditioning with heat strip
  • On-board water capacity for remote locations where water is not available
  • Arctic package for cold weather applications.

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