8 Pack Laundry Trailers

Introducing our state-of-the-art Laundry Trailer - the perfect solution for all your on-the-go laundry needs! This mobile laundry facility is equipped with high-quality washers and dryers that can handle even the largest loads of laundry, making it an ideal choice for outdoor events, remote job sites, disaster relief efforts, and more.

With multiple washers and dryers, our laundry trailer can accommodate a high volume of laundry quickly and efficiently. The trailer also features a folding station for easy folding and organization of freshly cleaned clothes.

The interior of the trailer is designed to provide a comfortable and clean environment for laundry activities, with non-slip flooring, ample lighting, and temperature control to ensure optimal comfort.

Whether you need to clean clothes for a large event, provide laundry services for a remote workforce, or respond to a disaster relief effort, our Laundry Trailer is the perfect solution to meet all your laundry needs.


  • Height: 11'
  • Overall length: 24'
  • Width: 9'
  • Holding capacity: 300 Gallons Waste


  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Arctic package for cold weather applications.
  • 8 Samsung Front Load Washers
  • 8 Samsung Front Load Dryers

Trailers do not contain onboard freshwater tanks. Grey Tanks can be hooked up to onboard waste tank or external source.

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